Electro-Hydraulic Valves

In a hydraulic system, an electro-hydraulic valve carries out the important function of controlling the flow and pressure of fluid traveling to the actuator. These devices are manufactured in two primary types: electrohydraulic servo valves (EHSVs) and electrohydraulic servo-proportional valves. Both types differ from standard directional valves in their capacity to adjust openings to varying positions, granting the user a greater degree of control over the passage of fluid through the system.

Servo valves generally utilize closed-loop controls and electronic feedback to move the spool in the desired manner. These valves are noted for their high responsiveness and accuracy. Servo-proportional valves rely on solenoids to adjust the spools through a virtually infinite range of positions. Precise fluid control enables the user to accelerate and decelerate cycles, as desired, which enhances the efficiency and productivity of the overall system.

Electro-hydraulic valves have been in use since the 1950s and, today, they can be found across a broad spectrum of industries. Common applications include injection molding, fatigue tests, rubber processing, steel mill processing, and many others. These types of valves are essential for the proper function of certain systems and, for that reason, it is vital to use only high-functioning devices that perform optimally.

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