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The Top 5 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Tips


Certain types of hydraulic equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, fire trucks, tractors, and other construction vehicles, rely on hydraulic cylinders to perform the desired functions. The cylinders help transfer the fluid energy from within the system to take care of the heavy lifting
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How to Improve Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pumping Efficiency


Hydraulic efficiency can be applied to different areas of a hydraulic system. One such area is hydraulic pumping efficiency, which determines how efficient the hydraulic pumps in the system operate. Pumping efficiency is directly related to the type of hydraulic fluid or oil used in the system.
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Top 5 Hydraulic System Maintenance Mistakes


Anyone responsible for hydraulic system maintenance normally does their best to maintain the system and avoid costly system failures. Yet, there are several maintenance mistakes we often make without even knowing we are making mistakes.
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7 Hydraulic System Inspection Checks You Might Overlook


Hydraulic system preventive maintenance is much more than verifying the oil level is correct and changing hydraulic fluid filters at the right intervals.
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What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder?


A hydraulic cylinder is an essential component found in many different types of hydraulic systems. They make it possible to perform tasks such as lifting heavy objects much easier. Hydraulic cylinders can be found on construction equipment, printing presses, manufacturing equipment, robotic arms, fire trucks
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Hydraulic Systems Essentials: Fundamentals of Hydraulic Pumps


The general principle of a hydraulic pump, be it a hydraulic piston pump, gear pump, or another type, is to provide hydraulic energy by using mechanical power to create enough flow to generate the necessary pressure in the system to handle a wide range of useful functions that would otherwise be difficult to perform.
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What Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) Pump Configuration Is Best?


Pumps will affect the configuration of your hydraulic power units (HPU) configuration. The pump you select also influences system performance, complexity, and costs. When considering which pumps to use, you want to decide whether piston pumps, gear pumps, or vane pumps would match your needs and desired system output.
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Hydraulic Equipment Safety with Hydraulic Mining Equipment


The mining industry is considered one of the most dangerous. There are risks of cave-ins, explosions, equipment misuse, insufficiently trained miners, and so on. Yet, when it comes to hydraulic equipment safety and hydraulic mining equipment.
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Hydraulic Pump Troubleshooting Tips


From the oil refining sector to the automotive field, a lot of industries have come to rely on hydraulic systems for certain critical functions. Hydraulic systems—and the hydraulic pumps that serve as vital components within them
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What Are Hydraulic Pumps Used For?


While hydraulic pumps are commonly used in heavy construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and other such systems, they are also a part of everyone’s daily lives in one way or another. Hydraulic gear pumps,
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Pascal’s Law of Hydraulics Is the Foundation for Hydraulic Systems


Without Pascal’s Law of Hydraulics, it is hard to imagine how hydraulic systems would have continued to advance and develop over the past several centuries. In the 17th century, Pascal theorized if force was applied to fluid at rest in a container.
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Evolution of Hydraulics: A Brief History


The first basic hydraulic systems were developed by the Egyptians over 4,000 years ago! The principles of fluid hydraulics were initially applied to the intricate canal systems used for irrigation. Other civilizations
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Why Monitor the Case Drain Flow in Hydraulic Pumps & Motors?


White House Products Ltd., one of the leading hydraulic gear pump suppliers, is familiar with the importance of monitoring case drain flow and offers some valuable tips for monitoring your hydraulic pump
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Everything You Need to Know About Essential Hydraulic Systems Components


All hydraulic systems, whether they are found on construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, or other types of mobile plant, share essential components. These components are necessary to ensure the hydraulic system functions correctly and as desired, and they include
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The Reliability and Efficiency of Hydraulic Pumps


Even the best-performing hydraulic pumps from top hydraulic gear pump suppliers need to be replaced eventually. Because work and environmental conditions are different on every work site
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Hydraulic Systems Safety Basics 101


One must understand the basics of hydraulic systems and load control in order to maintain proper safety. Maintaining the proper load control requires knowing how to determine when the system is operating under the correct pressure and the fluid is flowing without any issues.
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Hydraulic Pump Pressure Versus Flow


Pressure and flow are two key concepts related to hydraulic pumps and the systems they are used within. Some people mistakenly mix up these two terms and their functions. They might say their high-pressure hydraulic pump is not creating any pressure, so they need to replace it.
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Three Common Causes for Excessive Temperatures in Hydraulic Systems


In order to identify excessive temperature issues in hydraulic systems, one must first understand the type of hydraulic system being used and how it functions.
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How to Connect a Hydraulic Pump


Before connecting or installing a new hydraulic pump, it is important to understand the basic concepts used with hydraulic systems.
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How Do Directional Control Valves Affect Oil Flow?


A directional control valve is an essential component of a hydraulic system. It moves from a fully open to a fully closed position very quickly
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6 Ways to Stop Your Hydraulic Machine from Overheating


Hydraulic valves, pumps, and motors are used in everything from bulldozers, excavators, tractors and concrete mixers to elevators, engines, mowers, and refrigeration units.
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10 Ways to Check Hydraulic Systems with Thermal Imaging


Is your hydraulic system in optimal condition? Here are 10 ways you can use thermal imaging to diagnose common hydraulic problems.
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5 Steps for More Effective Hydraulic Troubleshooting


When it comes to hydraulic troubleshooting, knowledge is your best asset, but you can learn ways to troubleshoot a hydraulic system or component to get an accurate diagnosis.
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Basics of Hydraulic Power Steering


Nowadays, concepts such as electronic power steering aren’t unheard of, but hydraulic power steering is still the industry standard. Automobiles and other vehicles have this hydraulic system in the steering gear.
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When to Change Hydraulic Fluid in Mobile and Industrial Hydraulic Machinery


Everyone’s feeling the high price of oil right now. One result of increased costs is that changing the oil in your hydraulics pumps is the last thing on many people’s minds.
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Hydraulic Charge Pump 101: The Basics You Should Know


There is a wide range of closed loop hydraulic applications used in a variety of industries. From large tractors and harvesters to small self-propelled lawn mowers
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What to Consider When Building a Mobile Hydraulic Machine


Many worksites rely on mobile hydraulic equipment of various types to perform certain mission-critical activities—moving heavy materials from one point to another
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Hydraulic Circuits: The Differences Between Mobile, Diverter, and Industrial Valves


To ensure you are getting the best performance out of your hydraulic system, it is important to determine which type of hydraulic circuit configuration is the most appropriate for your applications.
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Five Common Sources of Hydraulic System Contamination


When contamination gets into a hydraulic system, it can cause a wide range of problems. From system stoppages to complete failures and extensive hardware damage, the smallest amount of contamination can be costly.
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All About Oil and Your Hydraulic System


The oil in your hydraulic system performs several vital functions to keep the system operating, including
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Hydraulic Piston Pump Control Valves 101


You have a variety of different options and configurations you can consider when you are designing or updating your hydraulic system.
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Advantages of Various Filters Used in a Hydraulic System


Depending on the configuration of the hydraulic system in use, there can be several different filters used. Most of these filters are designed to remove impurities from the hydraulic fluid and keep it at an acceptable level.
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Benefits of Building Your Own Hydraulic Gear Pump


You have several different options at your disposal when you are designing a custom hydraulic system. You could look at pre-built pump designs to determine whether any of these would work with your system.
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Piston Pumps and Control Valves for Hydraulic Systems


Hydraulic systems can incorporate different types of pumps and control valves, depending on whether the system is open-loop or closed-loop in design. I
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Open and Closed Circuit Hydraulic Pump Systems 101


Hydraulic systems can be designed using either an open circuit or closed circuit hydraulic pump configuration. It is important to understand the differences between the two to ensure you select the right configuration for your applications.
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Ideas About Controlling Heat in a Hydraulic System


Heat is generated whenever you use a hydraulic system to perform a variety of tasks, from lifting heavy objects with construction machines to operating different types of manufacturing presses.
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Quick Overview of Hydraulic Vane Pumps


A hydraulic vane pump is a type of positive-displacement hydraulic pump, which is also sometimes called a vacuum pump. While there are several different configurations of this type of pump
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Basic Hydraulics and How to Calculate Hydraulic System Pressure


There are specific calculations you can perform when you want to find out what the most appropriate hydraulic system pressure is for a particular application.
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A Quick Overview of Hydraulic Vane Pumps


Hydraulic vane pumps are one type of positive displacement pumps.. The pumps are relatively quiet and more tolerant of the type and viscosity of fluid supplied to them than Gear and Piston pumps.
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What Is the Proper Way to Store Hydraulic Cylinders Parts?


One question that comes up quite frequently, in regards to those businesses and individuals that keep an inventory of hydraulic cylinders parts on hand
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Do Hydraulic Fluids in Hydraulic Pumps Freeze?


If you operate hydraulic machinery in cold weather or cold environments, there are changes in how hydraulic system components function in colder temperatures.
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Reducing the Effects of Contamination in Hydraulic Systems


Contamination can be introduced into hydraulic systems from a variety of sources. It is impossible to remove all potential contaminants from a hydraulic system.
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Why a Hydraulic Pump Refit Strategy Is Essential


Any business in any industry that uses hydraulic pumps, motors, or any type of hydraulic system in their day-to-day operations should have a refit strategy in place.
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The Economic Demand for Hydraulic Pumps in 2017


BCC Research published a “Global Markets for Hydraulic Pumps” report back in 2014 that examined the future economic impacts and growth for this industry on a global scale.
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What Is the Right Hydraulic Oil for Your Hydraulic System?


Selecting the right hydraulic oil for your hydraulic system requires taking into account the type of oil and the viscosity. The proper oil specifications are also directly related to the type of pump used in the system.
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The Costs of Ineffective Hydraulic System Filtration


Think about this for a moment: A hydraulic system is only as good as the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid used within the system. If you do not take steps to properly filter the fluid, you will spread contaminants throughout the entire system.
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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors: Safety Precautions and Instructions


Hydraulic pumps and motors can make accomplishing a wide array of tasks and functions simpler, easier, and much faster. The use of hydraulic systems is found in manufacturing, automotive, construction, agriculture, and just about every industry.
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Hydraulic Pumps in the Digital Age


The development of hydraulics and hydraulic systems can be traced back to Blaise Pascal. Several centuries ago, back in the mid-1600s, Pascal discovered what has become to be known as Pascal’s Law.
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Hydraulic Pump Technology & Selection


Pumps are key components of a hydraulic system, generating hydrostatic energy by conveying oil (or another suitable fluid) through machinery in a precisely modulated manner. As hydraulic machinery varies in size, complexity, and functionality, the pumps within these systems vary as well to accommodate the particular demands of the application.
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Why Are People Choosing Gear Pumps over Piston Pumps?


Hydraulic systems are typically operated using one of two different types of pumps: hydraulic gear pumps and piston pumps. There are key differences between the two types of pumps in how they operate, which is essential in choosing the right pumps for your needs.
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Determining the Flow of Your Hydraulic Pump


The efficiency of hydraulic pumps and motors helps you determine when it is time to replace the pump or motor or both. A decline in pump efficiency is sometimes easy to notice, especially if the cycle times are becoming longer or maximum pressure levels are not being reached.
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The Life Expectancy of Your Hydraulic Pump


There are several different factors that can affect the life expectancy of hydraulic pumps. A good general rule of thumb is to begin by reviewing the expected number of operating hours the pump will run before it fails.
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Tips for Bleeding Out the Air in Your Hydraulic System


Prior to bleeding out the air in your hydraulic system, it is important to understand what type of air is in the system
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Getting to Know Your Hydraulic System and Equipment and How to Maintain It


How familiar are you with the hydraulic system and equipment you use every day ? Do you know the average pressure range and normal operating temperature of the system?
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Where You Can Find the Best Selections of Hydraulic Pumps


Here at White House Products, Ltd., we specialize in the supply of hydraulic pumps with over 5,500 different configurations of pumps available
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How to Safely Use Your Hydraulic Pump System


There are several safety considerations you must be aware of prior to using hydraulic pumps, in order to avoid accidents.
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How to Improve the Life of Your Hydraulic Pump


When a failure brings normal hydraulic piston pump operation to a stop, it can cost your business dearly. To help you prevent such malfunctions, let's take a look
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Seven Industries/Sources That Rely Upon Hydraulics


You would be amazed by the number of industries and sources you can find that rely upon hydraulic pumps and systems in order to accomplish various tasks.
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Noise Control in Hydraulic Systems


When hydraulic systems do not receive the routine maintenance they need, they become vulnerable to a number of major performance problems. Few of these issues are more annoying than excessive noise.
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Basic Fundamentals of Hydraulic Pumps You Should Know


Whether you are a technician, construction worker, engineer, or mechanic that works with hydraulic pumps and related systems, there are basic fundamentals you should know in order to ensure you are utilizing the system correctly and achieving proper performance.
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Analyzing Causes of Hydraulic Pump Failure


It is responsible for converting energy from one form into another (mechanic to fluid) to provide efficient and effective performance.
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How Does Air Affect Your Hydraulic System?


Air trapped inside the hoses, valves, fluid reservoir, and other parts and components of a hydraulic system can cause a wide array of problems and operating issues.
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One Common Myth About Hydraulic Pumps


When it comes to discussions about hydraulic pumps, there is often much debate about what information is accurate and true and which are myths.
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How Hydraulic Pump Leaks Affect Hydraulic Systems


Pump leakage is a common problem in hydraulic pumps and the systems they are designed to run. Leaks impact a company’s operations in a variety of ways
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The Dangers of Improperly Using Hydraulics


A hydraulic system could fail for a variety of reasons if the system is not used correctly. Sometimes, people want to “tweak” their system to increase the maximum pressure or attempt to use the system for purposes for which it was not designed.
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Benefits of a Fixed-Displacement Hydraulic Pump


All hydraulic systems rely upon pressurized fluid to create force in order to perform work, such as lifting materials using a forklift. Furthermore, systems can either be “closed-loop” or “open-loop.
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Hydraulic Piston Pumps vs. Hydraulic Gear Pumps


Different hydraulic pumps are manufactured to meet the different requirements of different hydraulic systems. In practical terms, what that means is that the right pump for one system or purpose may not be the right one for another.
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Purchasing Hydraulic Pumps: How to Pick the Right One


For every hydraulic system, there needs to be a pump. Not all hydraulic pumps are the same, however. In order to choose the right pump for the right application.
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The Economic Demand for Hydraulic Pumps


It’s going to be a great few years for the hydraulic pump industry. According to BCC Research, the global market for hydraulic pumps is expected to reach a total value of $10.1 billion by 2019.
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Hydraulic Fluid for Hydraulic System Pumps


Hydraulic systems are used for a variety of purposes, from simple manufacturing processes to fully integrated systems in the paper and steel industries.
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Hydraulic Pump Maintenance: Which Is Better – Predictive or Reactive Maintenance?


Hydraulic pumps are an essential part of a wide range of operations and functions. When they don't operate properly, it can bring everything to a sudden halt.
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Understanding Hydraulic Pumps


Hydraulic pumps are mechanic devices used for converting mechanical power into hydraulic energy.
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Copies of Ford New Holland Tractor pumps are inferior to the originals.


Tractors may be old but the original genuine pumps are still available.
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New Product MF 3382280M91


In addition to the Genuine Bosch version of this pump that we stock we have added a UK manufactured version made by Dynamatic Ltd UK
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Hedge-cutter motors available from stock for all common makes and models both old and new
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