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30## August 2017

Hydraulic Pumps in the Digital Age

The development of hydraulics and hydraulic systems can be traced back to Blaise Pascal. Several centuries ago, back in the mid-1600s, Pascal discovered what has become to be known as Pascal’s Law.

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25## August 2017

Hydraulic Pump Technology & Selection

Pumps are key components of a hydraulic system, generating hydrostatic energy by conveying oil (or another suitable fluid) through machinery in a precisely modulated manner. As hydraulic machinery varies in size, complexity, and functionality, the pumps within these systems vary as well to accommodate the particular demands of the application.

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16## August 2017

Why Are People Choosing Gear Pumps over Piston Pumps?

Hydraulic systems are typically operated using one of two different types of pumps: hydraulic gear pumps and piston pumps. There are key differences between the two types of pumps in how they operate, which is essential in choosing the right pumps for your needs.

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02## August 2017

Determining the Flow of Your Hydraulic Pump

The efficiency of hydraulic pumps and motors helps you determine when it is time to replace the pump or motor or both. A decline in pump efficiency is sometimes easy to notice, especially if the cycle times are becoming longer or maximum pressure levels are not being reached.

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