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11## February 2019

Hydraulic Pump Pressure Versus Flow

Pressure and flow are two key concepts related to hydraulic pumps and the systems they are used within. Some people mistakenly mix up these two terms and their functions. They might say their high-pressure hydraulic pump is not creating any pressure, so they need to replace it.

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11## May 2020

Why Is a Hydraulic Oil Cooling System Important in a Hydraulic System?

A hydraulic oil cooling system is necessary when you need to keep hydraulic fluid temperatures controlled at a set level. An effective cooling system will help remove heat from the fluid while allowing the hydraulic system to function properly.

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10## August 2020

4 Causes of Hydraulic Parts Wear

When conducting hydraulic system maintenance, it is essential to watch out for several different causes of hydraulic parts wear. Over time, parts do wear out and will need to be replaced. The sooner you can recognize wear and replace the parts, the better off it will be since you will not have to deal with an unexpected system failure later.

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