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Benefits Custom-Built Hydraulic Gear Pumps

You have several different options at your disposal when you are designing a custom hydraulic system. You could look at pre-built pump designs to determine whether any of these would work with your system. However, this can require testing to ensure they are to your specs.

A much better approach that you could utilize is to custom build your own pump. Taking this approach provides you with several benefits, including:

  • The ability to choose the right-sized pump for your needs.
  • The flexibility to choose the internal configuration of the pump.
  • Precision matching of pump materials to fit with the type of fluid being used in the system.
  • The potential for longer pump lifespans before repairs or replacement is necessary.
  • A pump designed to match your specific system specifications.

In addition, you do not have to worry about not finding the right pump for your system since you can design it yourself. In cases where you need several different configurations, you can custom design more than one pump.

When designing your own pump, you will need to take into account specific details, such as:

  • Fluid Flow Rates
  • Required Pressure
  • Motor Drive Speed

If you are not sure what type of pump would be best for your system or need help designing custom gear pumps and motors, please consult the Tailor-made gear pump section of our catalogue or contact White House Products Ltd. at +44 (0) 1475 742500 today! We have one of the largest stocks of hydraulic pumps anywhere, and can build an almost infinite number of others, which makes custom building your own pumps easy and affordable.

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