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Dos and Don’ts of Filtration and Conditioning of Hydraulic Systems

For hydraulic systems to function correctly, they need the right type of hydraulic fluid. The fluid is responsible for keeping the moving parts and components lubricated and moving. Yet fluid is not the only thing that keeps hydraulic systems humming away. How the fluid is filtered and the condition of the fluid also play important roles in keeping systems working correctly.

Do change your filters often.

various hydraulic filters used for filtering a hydraulic system

It is important to make sure your filters are kept clean to keep out as much contamination as possible. Dirty filters will place a strain on the system and could result in operational issues, as the fluid is not able to flow easily through the filter.

Do check fluid levels and condition daily.

Get into the habit of verifying the fluid level and condition of the fluid. If the fluid is low, this could indicate there is a leak. You also want to check the fluid for small metal flakes or other contaminants. If you notice any, this could indicate a problem with pumps, motors, or other moving parts.

Do change the fluid regularly.

You should change the hydraulic fluid at the right intervals. Most people keep track of the number of hours the system is in use and base their fluid changes after a set number of hours. Regular fluid changes ensure proper lubrication.

Don’t operate the system without fluid.

This should be a given, but some people don’t take the time to check the fluid levels and are surprised when the system overheats and fails because there was no fluid in it.

Don’t operate the system with fluid leaks.

hydraulic pipes maintenance on heavy industry machine in a garage.

Fluid leaks are not good and can cause operational issues, as well as introduce contaminants into the system. You want to fix leaks as soon as possible.

Don’t skip preventative maintenance.

Take the time to complete system checks before operating the system, as well as regular preventative maintenance that can help find problems before they cause serious operational issues.

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