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Fundamentals of Hydraulic Pumps: How to Avoid Pump Contamination & Clogging Issues

Contamination in hydraulic systems is the number one cause of hydraulic component failure.  Small particles of dirt and metal filings in the hydraulic fluid can gradually damage various parts and components and wear critical surfaces leading to reductions in efficiency & performance..

Eventually, the fine particles can get into areas that are smaller where they are not as easily pushed through the system. When they get stuck, they create a clogging issue.

Another cause of clogging is when “gunk” inside hydraulic pumps, motors, and other moving parts and components starts to develop. This “gunk” is more of a solid than a liquid, so it will not move as easily through the hoses and other components of the circuit.

dirty oily fragment of the hydraulic drive of the steering gear of a quarry loader

Avoiding hydraulic pump contamination issues in a hydraulic system requires you to think back to the fundamentals of hydraulic pumps and pump design.  You need to ensure the hydraulic system is designed in such a manner that that there is sufficient filtration to remove even the smallest particles that may be found in the fluid.

High quality fluid filters, provided they are changed on a regular basis, will maintain oil quality and therefore prevent contaminants from building up in the hydraulic system.  The problem being that contamination causes wear which leads to more contamination and thence more wear.  

Professional mechanic holding Valve plate of the hydraulic piston pump

Oil cleanliness is the key to preventing ‘gunk’ build up in pumps and other components however, if filtration has failed to keep the oil clean then the system needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the oil replaced with new filtered fluid of the correct viscosity.

You will also want to ensure maintenance is being performed regularly to identify potential contamination problems and resolve them before they occur.

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