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Getting to Know Your Hydraulic System and Equipment and How to Maintain It

How familiar are you with the hydraulic system and equipment you use every day ? Do you know the average pressure range and normal operating temperature of the system? Unfortunately, when these two basic things are unknown, it often leads to system and equipment failures because there is no way to monitor and identify potential problems before they become serious.

You should get into the habit of taking both readings regularly throughout the working day. Depending on the system design or piece of equipment, there could already by a pressure gauge and temperature gauge. Some setups even have a programmable logic controller (PLC) display which will show this information right on the screen.

If not, then you should install a pressure gauge and use the appropriate tool, like a heat gun, to take temperature readings. A great tip is to draw a “target” on the hydraulic oil tank below the minimum oil level line, in order to make sure to always hit the same spot when taking temperature readings.

By recording the operating pressure and temperatures of the system, it will help you identify potential problems should you notice drastic changes in either reading. Plus, regular monitoring throughout the workday will help prevent running your system hot and potentially damaging it.

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