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White House Products Ltd - Hydraulic Pump Supplier
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Hedgecutter motors

White House Products hold in stock an enormous range of motors for Bomford, McConnel and other makes of Hedge-cutter. These complement the large range of pumps available for  hedgers, ditchers, mowers and most other types of mobile plant and machinery. To find them on our website: in the motors section select: Gear Motors and Fan drives, this will then come up with the contents of that entire section to fine tune the search select from tick boxes listed in the search column shown on the left of the screen. Gear motors and fan drives will already be ticked in the top Category box.

The bestsellers in this range are the 5HM/40066BOM motors for Bomford  435, 457, 467, 577, Farmtrim range.   We also supply for other makes such as Twose, Turner, Spearhead, Reco, Rousseau etc etc

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