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How Does Air Affect Your Hydraulic System

Air trapped inside the hoses, valves, fluid reservoir, and other parts and components of a hydraulic system can cause a wide array of problems and operating issues. The effects of air inside the system do depend on where the air is trapped, along with the volume of air. The more air inside the system, the more severe the issues.

One of the most notable problems is when the fluid controls start to feel “spongy” and nonresponsive. This is caused because the air inside the system creates gaps in between the fluid, resulting in the stiffness of controls lessening. If you notice that the fluid in the reservoir is foaming, this is a clear indication there is air in the system.

Another issue is when hydraulic hoses are porous on the suction side of the pump, the air is drawn into the pump causing aeration damage to the pump and increased noise as a result of the air bubbles bursting when the hydraulic fluid they are being carried in comes under pressure.

In some cases, air inside the system can create hazardous working conditions leading to personal injuries and accidents. Prior to working on any type of hydraulic pump or system, you need to take the proper precautions, especially if is exhibiting the above symptoms of higher noise levels than expected and foamy / frothy oil in the reservoir.

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