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How Hydraulic Pump Leaks Affect Hydraulic Systems

Pump leakage is a common problem in hydraulic pumps and the systems they are designed to run. Leaks impact a company’s operations in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reduces Machine Efficiency
  • Reduces Productivity
  • Reduces Machine/Hydraulic System Life
  • Increases Energy Usage
  • Increases Fluid Costs
  • Increases Maintenance Costs
  • Possibly Polluting the area in which the machine is operating

As a result, these factors all add up to reducing a company’s bottom line and potential profits, as earnings have to be used to address system issues and purchase replacement pumps, as well as new equipment and machines.


The key to eliminating leaks starts with first identifying the source of the leak. There are telltale signs your pumps will exhibit to alert you to a problem:

Internal leakage:

  1. Increased Heat
  2. Increased Noise
  3. Reduced System Speeds
  4. Reduced Capacity/Output
  5. System Failure

External leakage:

  1. Oil mist
  2. Oil marks on the ground under the machine
  3. Oil dripping from the pump

If one or more of these symptoms is noticed, stop using the system. You or a competent hydraulic maintenance technician will need to diagnose the cause of the leak to determine what steps need to be taken to resolve the issue. Water leaks, oil leaks, and air leaks are all potential problems that can cause the above symptoms. In many cases, the leaks are related to worn or cracked seals or perished hoses, which need to be replaced.

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