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How to Improve Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pumping Efficiency

Hydraulic efficiency can be applied to different areas of a hydraulic system. One such area is hydraulic pumping efficiency, which determines how efficient the hydraulic pumps in the system operate. Pumping efficiency is directly related to the type of hydraulic fluid or oil used in the system.

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How Low Viscosity Affects Hydraulic Pumping Efficiency

Fluids that have a low viscosity, which can occur from choosing a poor-quality oil or exposure to high operating temperatures for a prolonged period, can result in a loss of efficiency and increase leakage in various system components. If oil viscosity is too low, it will not provide adequate lubrication, which then causes the pumps to work harder because they have to compensate for a reduction in viscosity to maintain the required system pressure.

How High Viscosity Affects Hydraulic Pumping Efficiency

Conversely, fluids with a high viscosity can also result in a loss of pumping efficiency and, in some cases, may result in the pumps not receiving sufficient oil at the inlet port. Fluids with high viscosity occur from selecting the wrong oil or operating the system in colder temperatures. High viscosity fluids are thicker, so they will place a higher strain on the pump when first starting up the system. The system can run rougher until the fluid heats up.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Fluid

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To improve the overall pumping efficiency, it is best to choose hydraulic oil based on the required viscosity you need at different points during system operation. You also have to account for the operating conditions and whether you are operating the system in normal or extreme conditions.

As such, the ideal oil viscosity range one should look for is one that averages between 25 to 36 cSt (centstrokes). You also want to consider a multi-grade oil that has the viscosity index to satisfy your operating conditions.

Improving pumping efficiency by using the right hydraulic fluid is just one aspect of achieving overall system efficiency. You also need to perform regular maintenance, use the right filters, pumps, motors, hoses, and more.

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