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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors Over-Pressurization Effects

The over-pressurization of hydraulic pumps and motors can have negative effects on your hydraulic system. Hydraulic pumps are designed to function at a specific pressure level and flow rate. Hydraulic motors are designed to work with specific pump configurations to help regulate and maintain the specific pressure level and fluid flow rates through the system.

When there is an increase in the pressure level in the pump, it will result in over-pressurization. If this happens, it will have a cause-and-effect on other hydraulic parts and components within the system.

These negative effects can include:

1. Mechanical Hydraulic System Damage

Over-pressurization adds increased pressure on motors, cylinders, hoses, and other system components.  This can cause the parts to fail prematurely. There can also be buckling of smaller metal parts and components from the excess pressure leading to system failure.

2. Hydraulic System Parts Separation

Certain parts in the system can start to come apart because of the excess pressure. O-rings, hose connections, and other parts can burst.  For example:  hydraulic cylinder rods can bend or glands can fracture from too much pressure in the system.

3. Reduced Hydraulic Fluid Lubrication

Increased pressure on the hydraulic fluid causes a reduction in lubrication as it moves through the system.  Pumps, motors, and other moving components rely on the lubrication qualities of the hydraulic fluid to ensure they function correctly. A reduction in lubrication leads to excessive wear and premature failures.

The best way to avoid over-pressurisation effects is to not operate a hydraulic system beyond its recommended pressure level and to perform regular hydraulic system maintenance, ensuring pressure levels are properly maintained.    If a system is regularly over pressurising it is indicating that it is not designed correctly to match the operational requirement and larger capacity cylinders and motors should be used.

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