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Interesting Facts About Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Hydraulic gear pumps are ideal for mobile hydraulic system applications like agricultural equipment, construction equipment etc.  A gear pump gets its name because there are two rotating gears that mesh with one another as they turn within the body of the pump.

While we do not often think about how this type of hydraulic pump works, there are some interesting facts that you might want to know.

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Fact #1: Gear Pumps Are very efficient convertors of Power

While they may not be as powerful as  hydraulic piston pumps, gear pumps do provide the power needed for mobile hydraulic equipment applications, within a very compact frame.  The moving gears can generate the necessary pressures, even in extreme temperatures, working environments, or impaired oil quality.

Fact #2: Gear Pumps Are Flexible

Hydraulic gear pumps can be fitted with relief, flow control, accumulator charge, check and load sense valves to provide a very compact units. . Ideal solutions where space is restricted on mobile plant such as forklifts or tractors.

Fact #3: There Are Two Types of Gear Pump

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The most common type uses two gears of the same size placed side by side inside the pump housing. The other type has one large external gear, larger than the second one. In this configuration, the larger gear is on the outside with the gear teeth pointing inwards meshing with the smaller second gear that is inside the larger one.

Thanks to the unique & compact design of hydraulic gear pumps, they are ideal for mobile plant applications.  However, you do need to stay on top of your system monitoring to avoid and prevent system performance issues such as oil contamination, which is the number one cause of gear pump failure.

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