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Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Systems: Improving Hydraulic System Reliability

All types of industries rely on hydraulic systems to perform specific types of work and functions to keep their businesses running smoothly. When something goes wrong, whether it is a pump failure or other problem, it can lead to costly downtimes and expensive repairs.

Fortunately, if you are on top of your maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems, you will be able to spot problems before they occur and avoid major malfunctions.

1. Perform hydraulic system diagnostics at the start of each shift.

Hydraulic system diagnostics and inspections help find minor problems like leaks, loose fittings, dirty filters, and so on.  Don’t skip doing an inspection, as, the one time you do, you could miss something that is about to go wrong.

2. Keep the hydraulic fluid clean.

It is impossible to keep hydraulic fluid 100% contaminant-free.  However, it is possible to keep most contaminants out of the fluid by using good quality and properly sized filters and changing the fluid as required..

Low key photo of hydraulic pipes maintenance on heavy industry machine

3. Watch and monitor the operating system temperature.

You want to make sure your hydraulics are operating within acceptable temperature ranges. If things get too hot, it is a warning sign of there being problems that need to be addressed..

4. Be aware of humidity levels and temperatures.

The amount of humidity in the air and temperature can affect the performance of hydraulics. If humidity in the air is very high, it could result in moisture getting drawn into the system and lead to condensation problems. Make sure to install desiccant breathers to keep humidity out of reservoirs..

5. Always purchase high-quality hydraulic pumps, motors, and other components for replacements and repairs.

The quality of parts directly relates to system reliability. Often spending a bit more on quality parts will repay many times by ensuring your system operates correctly with fewer breakdowns and reliability problems.

By using these tips for the maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems, you will improve your hydraulic system reliability. To find hydraulic pumps, motors, accessories, and related components, please feel browse online at www.whp.co.uk, or telephone us on +44 (0) 1475 742500 today!

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