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One Common Myth About Hydraulic Pumps

When it comes to discussions about hydraulic pumps, there is often much debate about what information is accurate and true and which are myths. One of the most debated topics is whether a pump produces pressure or flow. Before elaborating on this topic, it is vital to understand that there are proponents on both sides of this debate with valid arguments. However, it is equally important to keep in mind the scientific aspects of pumps and motion control output.

For all intents and purposes, and based upon scientific research along with accepted industry practices, a pump does indeed produce flow, not pressure. To better illustrate this point, consider a system with valve controls you can open and shut. If you were to shut off all valve controls and leave one open to tank and then turn on the pump, it would not create any pressure, but you would quickly notice the fluid flowing out the discharge hose.

Pressure, on the other hand, is the direct result of creating some form of restriction or load within the system. Going back to our example, if you were to close the discharge valve and open another valve solely connected to a pressure gauge, and then turn the pump back on, you would notice as the fluid flows it rapidly increases the pressure because it is being restricted.

As you can see, pumps create flow, and they only create pressure when there is a restriction or load within the system. For new and replacement pumps, parts, motors, and other components, contact White House Products, Ltd. at +44 (0) 1475 742500 today!

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