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Purchasing Hydraulic Pumps: How to Pick the Right One

For every hydraulic system, there needs to be a pump. Not all hydraulic pumps are the same, however. In order to choose the right pump for the right application, it’s important to understand what the difference is, and how the different types of hydraulic pumps work.

The Right Pump for the Right Job

Hydraulic systems are used for a variety of different tasks, including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. Since the needs of these industries are all different, the pumps that each of them require are also often different. Some of the ways they differ include:

  • Fixed or variable flow: Does the hydraulic pump required have a fixed displacement per rev, or does it need to vary?
  • Cycle rate/response time: How fast does the pump have to operate?
  • Operational temperatures: Different hydraulic systems operate at different temperatures when in use, in cases of extreme cold or extreme heat
  • Noise level: In certain situations, noisy hydraulic systems/pumps are undesirable or interfere with other operations.
  • How long does the system run: Some pumps are designed to be used intermittently, while others are for continuous operation.
  • Fluid viscosity: How thick is the fluid that the pump will be driving? While some pumps work perfectly well with light fluids, they may not with heavy ones or vice versa.

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