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Quick Overview of Hydraulic Vane Pumps

A hydraulic vane pump is a type of positive-displacement hydraulic pump, which is also sometimes called a vacuum pump. While there are several different configurations of this type of pump, all have the same general parts and components and operate in a similar manner.

Inside the pump, you will find a vane like you would see on a windmill. The vanes are secured in the center to a spring mechanism, which sits atop a rotating rotor. The vanes can be of varying lengths with some being longer than others. In some models, the vanes automatically adjust their lengths based upon their location on the rotor.

Fluid is drawn into the pump by the rotation of the vanes. It then circulates the fluid around the central chamber until it pushes it out through a discharge opening. The discharge opening can be smaller than the intake opening. Using a smaller discharge opening allows the pump to create higher pressures.

Vane pumps are especially useful when working with low viscosity fluids and liquids. There are no metal-on-metal moving parts and components so you do not have to worry about using non-lubricating fluids and liquids. They work well with refrigerants, propane gas, petroleum and oil-type fuels, as well as other solvents. This type of pump will also work with moderately viscosity fluids and liquids.

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