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The Costs of Ineffective Hydraulic System Filtration

Think about this for a moment: A hydraulic system is only as good as the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid used within the system. If you do not take steps to properly filter the fluid, you will spread contaminants throughout the entire system.

Once contaminants get past your filter and into the reservoir, every moving part, piston, gear, and pump can be damaged. Ultimately, the cause of a system failure and the resulting costly repairs could be contributed to poor filtration and contaminated fluid.

A system is its cleanest when it is first assembled and put into use. Throughout its lifespan, various forms of contaminants can be introduced. For instance, small metal shavings could get into the fluid from moving parts and components. You could accidentally get dirt inside a hose connector when replacing a damaged hose.

The key to keeping the system working as long as possible while minimising the potential for system failures is to use sufficient filtration methods. Always select a high-quality fibre filter, not a cheap paper one.

Additionally, you need to inspect and change the filter on a regular basis, based on how often you operate the system. Once a filter becomes clogged with contaminants, it loses its efficiency to remove particles before transferring fluid back into the reservoir and, essentially, back into the entire system.

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