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The Top 5 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Tips

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Certain types of hydraulic equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, fire trucks, tractors, and other construction vehicles, rely on hydraulic cylinders to perform the desired functions. The cylinders help transfer the fluid energy from within the system to take care of the heavy lifting and movements that otherwise would not be possible.

Just like the rest of the hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinders do require regular maintenance. If it becomes necessary to repair a hydraulic cylinder, make sure to remember these top 5 hydraulic cylinder repair tips.

1. Use the right tools.

Removing hydraulic cylinders requires the right tools. Metal tools can scratch the cylinders and cause damage to them.

2. Inspect the other parts and components.

Take the time to check seals, rods, and other parts and components that are part of the cylinder’s operations. Sometimes the cause for failure was not the cylinder, itself, but some other part.

3. Keep a replacement set of cylinders on hand.

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To limit downtime, have a spare set of cylinders available that is ready to install. This will allow you more time to repair the faulty cylinder and still get the machine back up and running quicker.

4. Replace the rod seals too.

Make sure to replace old rod seals with new ones when repairing a cylinder. This will help prevent seal failure and leaks.

5. Don’t forget to install wear bands when repairing or replacing cylinders.

Wear bands help guide the cylinder when it is moved up and down and help prevent metal-on-metal contact.

Besides these tips, make sure to keep your hydraulic fluid clean, inspect for fluid leaks before operating the cylinders, and inspect the cylinders frequently.

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