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Top 5 Hydraulic System Maintenance Mistakes

Anyone responsible for hydraulic system maintenance normally does their best to maintain the system and avoid costly system failures. Yet, there are several maintenance mistakes we often make without even knowing we are making mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Using the Right Replacement Parts and Components

With hydraulic system parts, “close-enough” will not cut it. You want to make sure to use OEM-equivalent parts and components to ensure compatibility. For example, if you use the wrong hydraulic pump, it may not be able to maintain proper fluid flow rates or might have too big a displacement for the system to handle.

Mistake #2: Using the Wrong Hydraulic Fluid

There are several different types of hydraulic fluid designed to operate at different temperatures and viscosities. You want to make sure the oil you use meets the system viscosity and operating temperature requirements.

Mistake #3: Not Setting the Pressure to the Right Level

Pressure levels need to be maintained at the right levels. It is not uncommon for someone to start adjusting pressures with no idea how it will affect the system. Ultimately, pressures tend to end up being set too high for the system to handle long-term.

Low key photo of hydraulic pipes maintenance on heavy industry machine.

Mistake #4: Failure to check whether a circuit is pressurized before loosening pipe connections

Even though the gauge on the system might indicate the pressure is at 0, this does not necessarily mean that all parts of the system are unpressurised.   Sections of the system may have pressure locked in them so make sure that with the pump switched off all directional valves are operated back and forth a number of times to depressurize all circuits before dismantling.

Mistake #5: Not Maintaining System Maintenance Records

Keeping maintenance records can help you narrow down problems faster as you can see what maintenance has been performed, when it was performed, and when parts and components were last replaced.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can help prevent system failures, costly repairs, and potential personal injuries.

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