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Why a Hydraulic Pump Refit Strategy Is Essential

Any business in any industry that uses hydraulic pumps, motors, or any type of hydraulic system in their day-to-day operations should have a refit strategy in place. Each pump and motor has an anticipated/expected lifespan, typically based upon the number of operating hours.

Once the pump or motor reaches this number of hours, you are essentially operating the pump or motor on “borrowed time,” especially if you do not have any predictive or preventive maintenance in place.

If a part of a component in the pump or motor fails during operation, it can do much more damage to the entire system. It can introduce large amounts of contaminant into the hydraulic fluid that filters cannot effectively remove. Other parts and components that didn’t need to be replaced can seize, break, bend, or get damaged in some manner.

As a result, it is normally much more costly to repair, rebuild, and correct problems caused by operational pump and motor failures. It is much smarter, cost-effective, and less expensive to service pumps and motors and replace them as needed before they fail.

A good refit strategy guideline to use is the hydraulic pump and motor manufacturer’s recommendations on the average anticipated operating hours. Once a pump or motor starts nearing this limit, it is time to replace it.

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