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Why Are People Choosing Gear Pumps over Piston Pumps?

Hydraulic systems are typically operated using one of two different types of pumps: hydraulic gear pumps and piston pumps. There are key differences between the two types of pumps in how they operate, which is essential in choosing the right pumps for your needs.

When it comes to the two types of pumps, gear pumps are most often selected mainly because they are fixed rated displacement pumps for a consistent flow rate. This means that the only way of changing the overall pump output is to adjust the speed at which the pump is being driven.

If you want the flexibility of a variable displacement, at a fixed input speed, then a piston pump will normally be chosen. Gear pumps can be configured using different valves to simulate variable displacement output flow rates, but not with the efficiency of a piston pump. . In addition gear pumps are available in a wide range of displacement rates and sizes to fit with an array of purposes and functions. They are also available with an enormous range of flange, shaft and port configurations to suit the drive system to which they are being attached.

However, there are times when a piston pump will be the better choice. If you require an operating bar (PSI) of greater than 310 bar (4,500 PSI), then you will need to use a piston pump.

Probably the main reason people prefer gear pumps over piston pumps is that they cost considerably less. This is especially beneficial for systems that have a shorter expected life span before parts and components have to be replaced.

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