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How Hydraulic Pumps in Tractors Have Evolved


The use of hydraulic pumps in tractors has not been around as long as you might think. The first hydraulic system wasn’t developed until the 1930s in the United Kingdom, by Harry Ferguson. He invented what is known as the Ferguson three-point linkage system powered using the unique and still used Scotch Yoke piston pump.

His hitch system used hydraulics to raise and lower implements on the tractor, as well as the depth of an attached plough. His newly designed tractors did not take off too well initially. Once he partnered with Henry Ford in 1938, and soon after, his tractor hydraulic pump design was being copied and used by other manufacturers.1

Over the years, as hydraulics technologies have advanced, so, too, have the uses in tractors. Hydraulic systems were added to control front and rear attachments, driving motors, and various components on the attachments. In addition, steering and braking systems on tractors were adapted to work hydraulically.

When computer technologies came along, it helped advance hydraulic systems. Computer-controlled hydraulic pumps and systems in tractors can carry out functions and commands much faster than having to move a lever or push a button. Some functions can be pre-programmed and executed with precision control.

In addition, new transmission designs are incorporating the use of hydraulic pumps and motors to supply power to the front and rear axles for more effective control. This advance was developed in AGCO Fendt’s 1000 Vario series of tractors. Their creation was the first variable powered drivetrain invented for use in tractors.

Tractor hydraulic pumps and systems have come a long way since the 1930s. Today, you can use hydraulics with very sophisticated systems like operating air planters that plant seeds and spread fertilizer simultaneously.

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