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Hydraulic Products

At White House Products, we supply a wide range of hydraulic products, serving customers in many different industries worldwide. While many companies depend on us for top-quality gear pumps and motors, we specialize in many other products including hydraulic hoses and fittings, adaptors, cylinders, valves, steering units, and more. Our company provides the same standard of service for all the hydraulic components that we supply, including:
  • Hydraulic Adaptors: We offer many types of hydraulic adaptor fittings to connect different hydraulic system components. These fittings are critical for proper fluid circulation. Whether the application requires converting a port thread or expanding/reducing the size of a thread, we have adaptors that ensure all hoses and pipework are securely installed. These include high-quality straight, tee, elbow, cross, and bulkhead adaptors and related accessories.
  •  Hydraulic Hoses: Hoses are the transporters of oil and other fluids in a system. Much more flexible than tubes and pipes, they are suited for many types of machinery and vehicles. A three-layer design makes our hoses the most versatile, including an inner tube that withstands consistent exposure to fluid media, a reinforcement material, and outer layer. We offer a wide range of hose materials to accommodate different fluids and media.
  •  Hydraulic Hose Fittings: Swage and R-U fittings are available in different designs to accommodate your application. The type of hydraulic fittings used depends on whether oil, water, or another substance is circulating through the system. Options include compression, flange, crimp, and push-in fittings, just to name a few, and we offer steel and plastic varieties as well.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders & Hydraulic Cylinder Parts: Cylinders are used in hydraulic arms, pumps, reciprocating engines, and in construction vehicles. Single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders are available. In addition to cylinders, also known as hydraulic rams, our catalog consists of hydraulic cylinder components as well to keep your equipment running without trouble.
  •  Hydraulic Valves & Remote Control Cables: Valves are important components in hydraulic systems. They control the volume and pressure of oil, water, gasoline, and other media by opening and closing to regulate flow. We supply pressure control, directional control, and flow control valves. In addition, remote control cables that connect the valve with a control lever are available so customers can order replacements at any time.
  • Instruction Manuals: We provide tractor manuals from Ford, David Brown, International Harvester, Massey Ferguson, and other manufacturers. Tractors are extremely versatile and durable machines but require the correct operating procedures to use as well as periodic maintenance. An operator’s manual tells you how to safely run, maintain, and troubleshoot your tractor.
  •  Hydraulic "O" Rings Bonded Seals & Plastic: Forming an impermeable seal between hydraulic parts, “O” rings are strong yet can fail over time. A failed “O” ring can severely damage a hydraulic component. We can help select the proper size and material for your application. In addition to hydraulic pump “O” rings, we carry a variety of bonded seals for high-pressure environments.
  • Powerpack Comparables: Hydraulic power packs supply energy to a system and come in a wide range of sizes. We provide units suited for many different industries. Whether you need a hydraulic power unit for a pump, motor, or other component, you’ll find the right one that matches your application’s power, pressure, and size requirements.
  • Hydraulic Steering Units & Non Standard: Hydraulic steering control units serve as the core navigational components of many types of off-road vehicles. Precise directional control is essential for vehicle function and safety on rugged and uneven surfaces. We provide steering units and accessories from top manufacturers such as Danfoss, Char-Lynn, Ognibene, and M & S.
  • Swaging Equipment: Products include the SS01 Super Squeezer Swaging Press and SSH25MM Horizontal Swaging Press. Numerous workpieces are reshaped to decrease their diameter and achieve other desired dimensions. We offer swaging equipment and tools for many types of machines that can perform tasks such as attaching fittings to cable/pipe ends or inserting rubber components into metal sleeves.
  • Hydraulic Tube Fittings: Our catalog consists of imperial, metric, and solder-type tube fittings with the high mechanical strength, pressure, and corrosion and heat resistance needed for a wide range of hydraulic applications. The steel tube fittings we offer are versatile and long-lasting. They are available in all industry standard sizes.

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