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Everything You Need to Know About Essential Hydraulic Systems Components

All hydraulic systems, whether they are found on construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, or other types of mobile plant, share essential components. These components are necessary to ensure the hydraulic system functions correctly and as desired, and they include:

  1. Hydraulic Pump: The pump is the most vital part of the system. It is used to convert mechanical energy into usable hydraulic energy.
  2. System Reservoir: The reservoir is where the hydraulic fluid is stored. In addition it helps with the dissipation of heat to keep the fluid within acceptable operating temperatures.
  3. Hydraulic Actuators: The actuators, which in most circumstances are cylinders or motors are responsible for converting hydraulic energy back into mechanical energy by doing the work for which the system is designed.
  4. Directional Hydraulic Valves: Direct the flow of the energised hydraulic fluid to the actuators.
  5. Primary power source: Electric motor or engine that drives the hydraulic pump in the desired direction to create the required hydraulic energy.

In order for these essential components to function correctly, you do need to perform regular hydraulic system maintenance. Maintenance helps identify problems before they lead to costly system failures. Even with the best maintenance, you will at some stage need to replace the hydraulic pump and other parts and components to keep the system working at its most efficient.

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