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In a hydraulic system, fluid is conveyed through the various components by the activity of a pump. Pumps work by converting mechanical energy—e.g., the turning of a gear—into hydraulic (i.e., fluid) energy. Hydraulic pumps may be either fixed displacement (conveys a precise, unchangeable amount of fluid during each rotation) or variable displacement (can be altered to change the amount of fluid conveyed). Of these two types, variable displacement pumps are more complicated in design and, therefore, tend to be more expensive.

Hydraulic pumps are used in a wide range of industrial equipment and, for this reason, they exist in a broad assortment of designs, including the following:

Vane pumps – Vane pumps feature a rotating shaft with a number of thin vanes protruding from it. The vanes effectively separate the housing into distinct compartments, each of which conveys fluid from the input to the output as the central rotor turns. Because the rotor is positioned eccentrically, its motion first steadily increase the volume of space in each compartment as the compartments fill and then decreases them as they empty when  the fluid is forcefully expelled through the output.

Gear pumps – The typical gear pump has two interlocking gears, one of which is connected to a drive shaft. As the shaft turns, the two gears are put into motion, conveying the hydraulic fluid around the outer perimeter of the housing and finally through the outlet.

Piston pumps – A piston pump is characterised by the presence of one or more pistons, consisting of a cylinder inside a cylinder. The up-and-down motion of the piston conveys hydraulic fluid to the output. These pumps are available in axial and radial designs.

Hydraulic System Options from White House Products

In addition to supplying all types of hydraulic pumps, from stock White House Products can also manufacture piston gear and vane pumps to order.  For gear pumps consult the Tailor Made gear pump section of our catalogue.   For Vane pumps see the available options in the Vane pump and mtors section of the catalogue.   For Piston pumps see the available options in the Standard Piston Pumps section.

If your hydraulic pump requires new parts or to be repaired  White House Products can assist with a wide range of spare parts and full repair and test facilities for all types and styles of hydraulic pump.  So if you need to replace the entire system, a component or need a component repair, you can count on White House Products for the exact part numbers. Parts for Cessna, Kayaba, Saeur Danfoss, Vickers, and other pump brands are available from stock.

Build a Pump to Your Specifications

Sometimes, it is a challenge to find an exact match to your application. If a particular hydraulics system manufacturer does not produce a pump for your requirements, we can help. You can have one built to your own specifications, which sets our operation apart from other hydraulic pump suppliers. Register to access this feature, but not before conducting a complete search of our catalogues, as this is the world’s largest selection of hydraulic pumps.

Search filters and the “Quick Find” feature simplify the process of browsing thousands of products from a leading pump system supplier. Your search can be as simple as entering a keyword or part number. By registering, instantly see stock availability and hydraulic pump pricing, and use instant online ordering; for help, our technical support team is always standing by.