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Accumulator Charging and Servicing


Accumulators perform an important function in a hydraulic system by storing energy in the form of pressurised fluid. It works by using a moveable component—often a bladder or a diaphragm—to separate inert gas (generally nitrogen) from the hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic accumulator aids in optimising system operations by correcting pressure fluctuations and pulsations, absorbing shocks, preventing contamination, providing supplemental energy, and balancing erratic fluid flow.

These useful devices can be found in a wide range of hydraulic equipment: excavators, injection moulding machines, mobile cranes, winches, concrete pumps, forklifts, piling rigs, wind turbines, drill rigs, and much more. Because bladders and diaphragms are so lightweight (compared to pistons), these devices can accommodate a wide range of applications. Their maintenance demands are also typically small.

Nonetheless, accumulators will experience decreased performance with repeated use. Operational issues that these accumulators can develop include:

  • Tears to the bladder or diaphragm
  • Loss of pre-charge gas 
  • Deterioration of the seal

One common cause of bladder/diaphragm accumulator failure is overpressurisation inside the hydraulic system, frequently due to sudden pressure spikes. Also, fluid contamination can inflict serious harm to a bladder or a diaphragm membrane as well. In some cases, poor installation leads to impaired performance.

How White House Products Can Help

Accumulators tend to discharge over time, but provided the bladder or diaphragm remains in good condition, we can recharge it to the required pressure. Should that not be possible we will provide a quote for either replacing or repairing the unit.

For any of your accumulator servicing needs, please do not hesitate to contact White House Products Ltd for a no-obligation quotation for service, repair or replacement. We have years of experience with hydraulic accumulator troubleshooting, and we can bring our considerable knowledge to the task of restoring your device to its proper condition. Whether you need us to repair or charge your hydraulic accumulator, we will perform all services in a timely manner.

We can be reached at +44 (0)1475 742500. You may also send us a message with the following information:

  • Your contact name and phone number
  • The nature of the problem with the part

If you would like to send an accumulator to us for service: Log in to your account and go to "MY ACCOUNT" > Returns > NEW REQUEST to arrange this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the typical lifespan of a hydraulic accumulator?

An accumulator can be expected to last for 10-12 years, sometimes longer, assuming that proper maintenance is performed at regular intervals. However, harsh operating conditions or unrepaired defects can lead to early accumulator failure.

How do you precharge accumulators?

The precharging process involves filling the gas chamber of the accumulator to the correct pressure level, which creates a stored energy reserve. The accumulator is then ready for use. Because the presence of highly compressed gas or hydraulic fluid inside the device poses a safety hazard, this procedure should be left to professionals trained to service hydraulic accumulators.

How often should I check the precharge pressure on my accumulator?

It’s advisable to check the accumulator pressure at least once a year. Be sure to consult the accumulator maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer.

Can an accumulator always be repaired?

Sometimes the cost of diaphragm or bladder repair, or fixing another trouble spot on the device, would exceed the total value of the accumulator itself, making this option impractical. We’ll provide you with a quote so you’ll be able to determine whether the device should be repaired or replaced.