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Hydraulic Parts Matching Service


Often, pumps and other hydraulic components lack clear identification data. This can make it difficult to locate the right kinds of replacement parts that will work with your hydraulics system.

To address this common problem, White House Products maintains a matching service for our clients where we will precisely identify the part you have and offer a replacement. The replacement part might be either one that is identical to the original or, if an exact match cannot be located, an alternative that will fit in place of the original and perform to the same or better specifications than the original.

The identification process relies on the use of photographs and measurements or in-person analysis of a part that the customer sends to us. In cases where the OEM part is no longer manufactured, we will attempt to find or manufacture an alternative unit that will accommodate the client's requirements.

There are various ways to identify a hydraulic part, including:

  • Physical Characteristics - Examining the physical attributes of the part can provide important clues for identification. These characteristics may include dimensions (length, diameter, width, etc.), shape, color, material composition, surface texture, markings, labels, or engravings. By comparing these physical features to known specifications or reference materials, we can narrow down potential matches.
  • System Information - Understanding the hydraulic system where the part is installed or intended to be used can be helpful. Gathering data such as system type (e.g., hydraulic pump, valve, cylinder), pressure, flow rate, temperature range, connection type (thread size, fittings), and mounting style can aid in identifying the part. This information allows for matching the part's specifications with the requirements of the system.
  • Reference Guides/Manuals - Utilizing reference guides, product catalogs, or technical manuals can assist in identifying hydraulic parts. These resources often provide detailed descriptions, specifications, diagrams, and part numbers for various hydraulic components. Cross-referencing the physical characteristics or system requirements of the part with these references can help narrow down potential matches.

With our matching service, there is no need to stay with an old part simply because you’re not certain you can find a suitable replacement. Using worn-out or defective hydraulic spare parts, or retrofitting components improperly, can lead to serious problems for your system.

Failure to run a system with properly matched components can result in hydraulic fluid contamination, suboptimal performance, or even catastrophic hydraulics failure. If you’re working with tractors or other kinds of heavy equipment or machinery, that can be a disaster.

The wrong type of pump or hose will increase both your odds of equipment failure and your liability risk. Hydraulics manufacturers routinely refuse to honor warranties on equipment with “mix and match” components. Conversely, the right part can reduce downtime, increase productivity, and make it easier to perform hydraulic maintenance tasks when needed.

Our service can find a wide variety of industrial-grade hydraulic replacements: hydraulic pumps (vane pumps, piston pumps, etc.), pump parts, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses, and many other varieties of commercial hydraulic components.

If you would like to send your unit to us to match: Log into your account and go to "MY ACCOUNT" > Returns > NEW REQUEST to arrange this.