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Hydraulic Warranties & Repairs


DContamination is a common problem that causes friction and wear within a hydraulic pump or motor. Dirt particles, moisture, and chemicals cause damage as well, and sometimes the wrong fluid accelerates wear. However, worn cast iron gear, piston and vane, pumps and motors can often be repaired, which is often faster and more affordable than replacing hydraulic equipment. Normally as long as the housing can be reused White House Products can economically  repair most hydraulic piston and vane pumps or motors.   All units are fully tested before being returned to the customer.

We do not charge to collect, disassemble, or provide a quote for repair. If you have a failing hydraulic pump or motor, contact White House Products, Ltd or log on to our website: https://www.whitehouseproductsltd.com/home and book a return for your hydraulic repair service quote free of charge.

Signs You Need Hydraulic Pump Repair

With our expertise in hydraulic products from leading manufacturers, we are familiar with the most common types of repairs.  You should consider hydraulic pump or motor repairs if there are signs such as:
  • Hydraulic Fluid Leaks: Liquid on the outside of the component is the easiest to spot. However, leaks can occur inside too. Damaged tubes, seals, or valves can affect performance and cause fluid to leak internally. Hydraulic leaks reduce system pressure, increase operating temperature, and can accelerate wear until extensive damage occurs.
  • Unusual Noise: Hydraulic pumps and motors are designed to minimise the sound of fast-moving, high-pressure fluids.  Loud noises mean something is wrong.  Banging and knocking sounds are signs of aeration, which may also be seen as foaming oil, whilst high-pitched screaming or whining sounds can signal cavitation, in which sudden releases of air from hydraulic oil can be very destructive.
  • Excessive Heat: Hydraulic oil must be of the correct viscosity for a hydraulic system to operate at its most efficient. Performance will degrade at operating temperatures above 100-120 Celsius, and a component can fail prematurely. Improper cooling or obstructions can increase working temperatures. When the system is still running hot after you’ve taken all possible steps, contact White House Products, Ltd. for help.
In addition, blocked filters can mean your hydraulic equipment needs to be serviced.

Repair Process

White House Products, Ltd. employs a very reliable repair process that enables us to quickly and effectively restore hydraulic pumps and motors. Once we receive your part, we carefully proceed with disassembly, which enables us to access affected components and perform a thorough examination. Next, our technicians assess which components can be reused, repaired and replaced, source any parts that are not already in stock and prepare a full quotation for the customer’s acceptance. All quotations include a full post reassembly test which is logged for future reference.

Following a customer order, we then thoroughly clean the parts that can be reused or repaired, eliminating oil buildup and removing other potential contaminants. For motors, electronics are tested to determine other repair needs. Moving parts with scoring, such as pistons, shafts, and cylinders, are replaced ,honed, polished, or resurfaced where required. Worn seals, bearings, and gaskets are replaced, and we check the tolerances of all fittings to ensure the system supports normal operating pressures.

Contact White House Products, Ltd.

When you need  a hydraulic pump repaired or a hydraulic motor serviced, you can trust our technicians to carry out a high-quality repair and test.  Please always ensure that the unit that requires to be repaired is sent to us as it comes off the machine so that we can ensure it is reassembled correctly with all ports in the correct positions.   Work undertaken is covered by a full warranty: should a customer not be happy with the repaired unit we will collect examine and retest.   If the unit has been damaged or incorrectly fitted to the machine then any remedial work will be chargeable.   If we have in some way incorrectly refitted parts or find no fault then there will be no charge. . Call +44 (0) 1475 742500 or contact us online for your free, no-obligation quote and to take advantage of our hydraulic repair service.