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Hydraulic Power Packs


At White House Products, we have the facility to build hydraulic power packs of any shape, size, and specification, whether from our modular small capacity power pack build program or a more bespoke or larger system.

Custom-made power packs are engineered for space efficiency, improved reliability, and better integration with existing systems. These hydraulic power units are more likely to provide optimised performance and less likely to suffer catastrophic failures that call for emergency repairs. White House Products is the partner you can trust for high-quality solutions that conform to your power requirements. We will work with you during the design process to ensure compliance with your specifications, and we always aim at a fast turnaround time. Our power packs are tested for reliability and performance.

With many years of experience in creating these kinds of compact, portable systems, we are confident in our ability to create the custom-built, energy-efficient hydraulic power packs that meet your specifications. These power packs are commonly used in a wide range of industries, such as the construction, agricultural, mining, transportation, waste management, and oil & gas sectors.

See below for an idea of what we can offer:


AC and DC small capacity power packs

First of all, we build a range of small capacity power packs (0.37 KW – 4 KW) based on a modular system allowing customers who know exactly what they want to produce a model code using the code breakdown found in our catalogue. This code can then be used to obtain pricing and stock levels through our website or our helpful sales team.

If you are unsure of the exact spec you require, please give us a call and one of our hydraulic engineers would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and suggest a suitable specification of power pack. Below you will find a brief summary of the options available in this range:

  • AC motors single or three phase with 8 different power ratings from 0.37-4.0 KW; these motors are available in 2 or 4 pole (2880 or 1440 RPM).
  • DC motors 12 or 24 volt DC with options of a standard 1.6 Kw or a long rated or even fan-cooled 3 Kw
  • Gear pump capacities on offer range from 0.8 cc/rev right up to 5.8 cc/rev and have max operating pressures of 200-275 BAR with possible flowrates of over 16 L/min.
  • A large range of tanks are available between 1.5 and 28 litres and can be configured to be positioned horizontally or vertically.
  • Every power pack in this range comes with an adjustable main relief valve as standard; however, we can also offer a range of other control valves including lowering, flow control, and unloader valves.
  • And finally we can configure the power pack with a manifold to mount a CETOP 3 solenoid operated directional control valve—the valve to be ordered separately.

These power packs are usually ready for despatch within 1-2 days of order if all component parts are in stock.


Bespoke large-capacity power packs

Once we move on to the bespoke hydraulic power packs, the options available are massively increased; the sky really is the limit.

Prime movers – We can offer electric motors in single or three phase in cast iron or aluminium frames, power ratings of 100+ Kw and speeds of 750 – 3000 RPM. However, the options are not limited to electric motors; we can also offer petrol or diesel driven power packs to suit your industrial application.

Pumps – With our custom-built power packs the choice of hydraulic power pump is endless with several options available, including aluminium gear pumps, cast iron gear pumps, piston pumps (fixed or variable, open or closed loop), and finally vane pumps. Power packs can be fitted with single or multiple hydraulic pumps.

Filtration – We can offer many filtration options for our power packs with a variety of UFI filters, ranging from suction and return filtration to high-pressure filters with an absolute rating of 5 micron or above.

Valving and controls – Valve-wise we can supply power packs with simple P and T porting through to full valve set ups. We carry in stock a full range of HyPro sectional spool valves, which we can use to configure a variety of different valve configurations to be fitted to your power pack with size options of 3/8”, ½” and ¾”. If the right size is not available, we have a number of other hydraulic power pack manufacturers’ options we can provide a quote on.

We also carry Lodar wireless control units, which, when paired with a solenoid valve bank, can be used to provide fully wireless remote control of your hydraulic system from up to 60 meters away. Finally we work with our electrical control supplier to enable us to offer fully bespoke control panels to complement our power packs; these range from simple star delta motor starters to full control panels featuring gauges, alarms, and other inputs and outputs or even VFDs to finely control motor speed/pump flow rate.

Take a look at some of our recent projects:




If you are interested in our power pack services, please contact White House Products for a free quote.