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Hydraulic Pumps by Machine


Hydraulic Pumps by Machine

Hydraulic machinery relies on specially designed drive systems to convey pressurised fluid (or gas) through its various components. Hydraulic drive systems are composed of three primary parts: an electric motor or engine, an actuator, and a generator—this last, and most important, component is often a hydraulic pump. These pumps generate power by transforming mechanical energy (e.g., rotating gears) into hydraulic energy (Fluid flow and pressure)

Hydraulic pumps can be divided into fixed and variable displacement types. Fixed displacement functionality—that is, they’re designed to transport an exact, unchangeable amount of fluid with each rotation. Variable displacement means they can be adjusted to process a different amount of fluid, depending on the needs of the application.

These kinds of pumps are available in a wide range of designs; the three basic types are vane pumps (characterised by fluid-carrying compartments arranged around a rotating shaft), gear pumps (characterised by two meshing gears), and piston pumps (characterised by cylinders that move in and out).

Considered as a group, hydraulic pumps are extremely versatile devices. They can generate a considerable amounts of fluid power within a very compact space, one of many reasons why they are commonly used in many kinds of machines, including the following:

• Mowers
• Agricultural machinery
• Airseeders
• Apple Pickers
• Bulldozers
• Buses
• Cars
• Cranes
• Crushers
• Drill Rigs
• Elevators/Lifts
• Excavators
• Forklifts
• Hedgecutters
• Lorries
• Potato Harvesters
• Tractors

Hydraulic parts and pumps for all of the above-mentioned machines and vehicles are available in the White House Products catalogue. Please feel free to contact us with your questions about our line of pumps.