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Hydraulic Equipment Safety in Mining Machinery

The mining industry is one where safety is vital not just for mining machinery but also for miners. One way that safety has improved over the years is with the use of hydraulic systems in mining equipment. Hydraulics can perform a wide range of operations that would otherwise be difficult and risky to do manually or using other methods.

Mechanic of mining machines

Benefits Gained with Hydraulic Systems to Increase Safety

What makes using hydraulic mining equipment a good choice?  The same reason hydraulic equipment safety is considered in other industries:  Hydraulics can offer reliability, stability, and controllability while providing the power needed to perform a wide array of functions above and below ground.

Another benefit of using hydraulics is the ease of maintenance and serviceable hydraulic parts and components. Rather than having to replace the entire mining machine, just the hydraulics can be repaired and/or replaced.

One of the biggest benefits gained with hydraulics in the mining industry is the reduction in the risks of explosions and fires. Before hydraulics, mining machinery relied on electrical components to produce the necessary force needed to perform various tasks.  Yet, these systems could give off sparks that resulted in explosions and fires.

While there are indeed electrical components used with hydraulic systems today, the electronic components are designed to not give off sparks or are installed outside the mine.. As a result, the number of mining accidents and injuries from explosions has been drastically reduced.

poland coal mine interior

Certain types of mining machinery can also be controlled remotely. This further improves safety and reduces risks to miners since they do not have to be in or next to the machine while work is being performed.

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