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7 Hydraulic System Inspection Checks You Might Overlook

Hydraulic system preventive maintenance is much more than verifying the oil level is correct and changing hydraulic fluid filters at the right intervals. There are several other hydraulic system inspection checks you should be doing to avoid system failures and costly repairs.

1. Inspect the Hoses

Fluid leaks are a common problem with hydraulic systems. It is vital to inspect the hoses for signs of leaks or other damage and replace them.

2. Inspect Pipe and Hose Clamps

Another area where fluid leaks can occur is around the clamps if they have come loose. You also want to avoid overtightening the clamps, as this can create restrictions in fluid flow.

hydraulic pipes

3. Inspect Filter Bypass Valves

You want to verify the hydraulic bypass valves are not open allowing fluid to bypass the filters, as this can cause a premature system failure can allow contamination to get into the tank

4. Check System Operating Temperature

If systems are generating too much heat, it means something is wrong in the circuit that needs to be fixed.

5. Listen to the Sounds the System Is Making

Sound is a good way to check if something is wrong. You should be familiar with what sounds the system makes when operating correctly. Sound changes could indicate a faulty hydraulic cylinder, pump, or motor.  

6. Inspect the Breather Cap

The breather cap is frequently overlooked during maintenance. It helps prevent contamination from getting into the hydraulic fluid and can easily get damaged.

7. Perform Regular System Pressure Checks

Monitoring the system pressure helps you identify potential problems before the system fails.

By incorporating these system inspection checks into your preventive maintenance routine, your system will run more efficiently while reducing the risks of complete system failure.

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