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Copies of Ford New Holland Tractor pumps are inferior to the originals.

Often the temptation is to supply and fit a cheap copy pump when replacing units on old tractors.

Taking the Ford New Holland range of pumps, made in Swindon in the same factory as the original ones fitted at the time of tractor manufacture, as an example. One may save tens of pounds when buying a copy pump itself but the labour cost to fit will be the same for the genuine as for the copy and these are on the whole time consuming units to fit.   Over the years most of the common equivalent units have been sujected to factory testing at Swindon and so far none have been able to deliver the same performance as the genuine units. Over and over again we find that customers actually save money by fitting the genuine Swindon manufactured pumps as provided they are fed clean oil they will outlast any of the copies and therefore save fitting costs by reducing the frequency of pump replacement .  White House Products supplies the full range of Aluminium main and auxiliary gear pumps fitted to Ford New Holland tractors, of which the most common are:

D0NN600G - 81823983 - our part number: 5S2/39893FOR.

D2NN600B - 81826808 - our part number : 5S2/39900FOR.

D0NN600F - 81824183 - our part number: 5S2/39917FOR.

D8NN600KB - 83936586 - our part number: 5S2/39912FOR.

D8NN600LB - 83936585 - our part number: 5S2/39916FOR.

E0NN600AC - 83957379 - our part number: 5S2/39894FOR.

D5NN600C - 3903943 - our part number: 5S2/39902FOR.

D8NN600FA - 83913537 - our part number: 5S1/39903FOR.

E2NN600BA - 83945584 - our part number: 5S1/39899FOR

E1NN600AB - 83928509 - our part number: 5S1/39916FOR

E2NN600BA - 83996336 - our part number: 5S1/39901FOR

F0NN600BB - 82988360  - our part number - 5S2/39918FOR

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