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4 Causes of Hydraulic Parts Wear

When conducting hydraulic system maintenance, it is essential to watch out for several different causes of hydraulic parts wear. Over time, parts do wear out and will need to be replaced. The sooner you can recognize wear and replace the parts, the better off it will be since you will not have to deal with an unexpected system failure later.

1. Corrosion and Erosion

You cannot stop the effects of time and exposure to the elements. Hoses can crack and plastic parts can harden and chip. Metal connectors can rust. When hard plastic pieces of rust, and other corrosive and erosive materials get into the fluid, it can cause parts to wear when passing through hydraulic pumps, gears, motors, etc.

2. Parts Degradation

The metal parts inside the hydraulic system will degrade. Small metal particles from bearings wearplates gears and pump bodies can get into the fluid as a result of abrasion.  The shavings will come into contact with other moving metal parts and can scratch and scrape off more metal particles.

3. Ineffective Lubrication

When the fluid becomes contaminated, it may no longer sufficiently lubricate moving parts. Without proper lubrication more heat is generated which can cause overheating, parts warping, and other heat-related problems.

4. Clogged/Dirty Hydraulic Filter

If the inlet hydraulic filter is clogged or is dirty, fluid will not flow correctly and lead to cavitation.  Cavitation cuuses air to be drawn out of the system and bubbles that will “explode” internally as they move through the system. These “explosions” can cause component damage especially at pump inlets.

Resolving these causes of parts wear is not difficult. You might have to install new hoses, replace rusting parts, replace worn out internal parts, change the fluid, or install a new filter—all part of proper hydraulic system maintenance.

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