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Hydraulic Equipment Safety with Hydraulic Mining Equipment

The mining industry is considered one of the most dangerous.  There are risks of cave-ins, explosions, equipment misuse, insufficiently trained miners, and so on. Yet, when it comes to hydraulic equipment safety and hydraulic mining equipment, it is considered much safer than using other types of equipment.

For instance, before the wide-spread use of hydraulics in mining machinery, electric-driven equipment was used.  However, electric drives can spark, which in combustible atmospheres can cause explosions.  Coal mine explosions as a result of sparks used to be a regular occurrence.

Today, there are relatively few coal mine explosions since enormous effort has gone into eradicating all sources of combustion.    Replacing electrical drives with hydraulic ones has played a part in this as hydraulic mining equipment is essentially explosion-proof.  The limiting factor with hydraulic systems in mines is that the power unit has to be on the surface supplying machinery at the “coalface” via long distance pipelines.

Another safety benefit gained with hydraulics is the ability to perform a wide range of tasks other types of equipment could not do safely. Hydraulics are easier to control, more reliable, and deliver the power density needed to move large volumes of rock, earth, dirt, etc. Notwithstanding that hydraulic systems are relatively easy to service and maintain.

Furthermore, the level of quality that goes into mining hydraulics is outstanding.  From advanced flow and pressure control techniques to hydraulic cylinders, motors, and other components, manufactured specifically for mining applications.

Thanks in part to hydraulics, the mining industry is much safer today than it was many years ago. With proper equipment, good quality training, hydraulics will continue to perform a wide range of back-breaking work, in mines, safely.

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