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Seven Industries/Sources That Rely Upon Hydraulics

You would be amazed by the number of industries and sources you can find that rely upon hydraulic pumps and systems in order to accomplish various tasks. Without hydraulics, many of the tasks performed would be much more challenging and difficult, and, in some cases, impossible to even perform!

  1. Waste Management – From trucks and rubbish bins for collecting waste to the actual processing facilities, hydraulics help compact and crush waste into manageable sizes.
  2. Mining/Petroleum/Oil – Drilling into the earth takes great force and power, which hydraulics provide.
  3. Renewable Energy – Converting flowing water into electricity is accomplished using hydraulics to control and direct the force of the water.
  4. Aerospace/Aviation – From rockets to aeroplanes and helicopters, there are many parts and components that utilize hydraulics, like the landing gear on aircraft.
  5. Construction – Diggers, cranes, and dump trucks, and other equipment make excavating sites and building new structures faster and easier, thanks to the power of hydraulics.
  6. Automotive – From automated assembly lines to parts and components in automobiles, hydraulics play a vital role in one of our primary forms of transportation.
  7. Milling – Grinding up minerals, ores, rocks, food, and other hard substances requires using grinding mills that rely upon high-torque hydraulics to create the grinding power.
  8. Agriculture – Tractors provide the hydraulic power source for almost every implement used on farms all over the world in addition to everything from cattle crushes to combines.

As you can see, hydraulics are an essential part of our daily lives and make it possible to accomplish tasks much easier and faster. For all your hydraulic needs, call the hydraulic experts at White House Products, Ltd. at +44 (0) 1475 742500 Today!

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