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The Dangers of Improperly Using Hydraulics

A hydraulic system could fail for a variety of reasons if the system is not used correctly. Sometimes, people want to “tweak” their system to increase the maximum pressure or attempt to use the system for purposes for which it was not designed. These can lead to dangerous situations that can cause accidents and injuries, as well as damage the system itself.

One typical problem is when a drain line becomes blocked or the flow is restricted. Drain lines allow the hydraulic fluid to leave the system and return to the reservoir. Some systems use filters in this area to help remove contaminants. However, if the wrong filter type is used or it needs changing, it can affect the flow of the hydraulic fluid. A basic rule is that drainlines should provide a free flow back to tank without any impediment or potential for back pressure.

Another mistake some people have made is plugging the drain connection on a pump or motor when removing for inspection and forgetting to reconnect the drain lines after inspection. They spend the time performing routine maintenance on the system but then overlook reconnecting the lines. Once the pump is restarted the pressure builds up in the area normally drained and causes either seals to blow or other damage to occur.

When maintaining hydraulics, remember to take your time, check filters, and never rush through processes. For replacement pumps, seals, and parts for hydraulic systems, call White House Products, Ltd. at +44 (0) 1475 742500 now!

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