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What Is the Proper Way to Store Hydraulic Cylinders Parts?

One question that comes up quite frequently, in regards to those businesses and individuals that keep an inventory of hydraulic cylinders parts on hand is “What is the proper way to store them until they are needed?”

  • Make sure the storage location is indoors. You want to ensure the cylinders and parts are stored in a controlled environment indoors. Changes in temperatures from extreme colds to extreme heat can cause them to slowly deteriorate, even though you are not using them.
  • The storage area should be clean and dry. Do not store new parts and components in dusty, dirty, or damp environments. Dust, dirt, and moisture can cause issues and shorten the lifespan of new parts and components.
  • Plug all open port-type connections. You want to make sure all ports and port connections are capped with the right type of plugs and covers to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Protect internal and external exposed metal parts. You want to use grease on internal surfaces and petroleum jelly on externally exposed metal rods. Make sure rods are fully retracted ahead of time. After applying the grease or petroleum jelly, wrap it in protective cover.

For more tips on the right way to store hydraulic parts, cylinders, or other components, or for assistance in ordering extras for your inventories, please feel free to contact White House Products Ltd. at +44 (0) 1475 742500 today!

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