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What Is the Right Hydraulic Oil for Your Hydraulic System?

Selecting the right hydraulic oil for your hydraulic system requires taking into account the type of oil and the viscosity. The proper oil specifications are also directly related to the type of pump used in the system.

While referring to what the hydraulic pump manufacturer recommends as acceptable fluid is a good starting reference, it may not always be the best solution. You must take into account other vital factors, including:

  • System Pressure
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Environment Where the System Is Used
  • Heat Transfer
  • Risks of Fire

Using these factors, along with the manufacturer’s recommendations, can help you determine what type of oil is best.

Synthetic vs. Petroleum vs. Water-Based Fluids

Synthetics can be a good choice in cases where there are extreme temperature changes or you need to maintain high pressures. However, synthetics should only be used in compatible systems. Otherwise, there can be premature wear on seals and other parts and components.

Petroleum-based oils are well-suited for a variety of different operating environments. There are specific fluids that can enhance system performance, protect against oxidation and rust, and reduce wear on parts, components, and seals.

Water-based fluids are the least commonly used, except in environments where there is the risk of fire. Even though they reduce the risks of fire, they do not offer as many benefits as synthetics and petroleum-based oils.

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