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Among the various services provided by White House Products is the remanufacturing of hydraulic parts. This refers to the process of refurbishing and restoring a used or worn hydraulic component to a like-new condition.

Remanufacturing hydraulic parts involves disassembling the part, inspecting it for wear and damage, replacing worn or damaged components, and then reassembling it using high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques. The goal is to extend the life of hydraulic equipment, reduce waste, optimise inlet pressure and pump horsepower, ensure quiet operation, and often provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand-new part.

In addition to this, we also provide a wide range of hydraulic replacement parts.

This section includes the following downloadable documents relating to your hydraulic pump’s specifications:

Cylinder / Ram Specification Sheet - This form allows you to fill out the specs of your hydraulic cylinder ram device.

Pump & Motor Specification Sheet - This form allows you to fill out the specs of your gear pump.       

ISO / CETOP Hydraulic Symbols - This form provides guidance in interpreting the fluid power symbols and other information appearing on hydraulic circuit diagrams.

Some customers report having trouble finding hydraulic pump or ram information. The tag of your device (the location of which depends on manufacturer) can supply information that will aid you in filling out the spec sheets, such as the model number. The product manual may provide guidance to help identify your hydraulic pump or ram.

Please provide as much information as possible for us to use as an identification guide for the remanufacturing process. Relevant information may include type of device (e.g., displacement ram), maximum pressure/maximum psi, rod diameter, and casting number. This will assist us in finding an exact match to your part.

White House Products has years of experience with remanufactured and replacement hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, and similar devices. We’re confident we can provide you with a long-lasting, low-maintenance remanufactured or replacement hydraulic device. Feel free to explore our extensive online catalogue, which includes everything from hydraulic seal rings to piston pumps.