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Hydraulic Circuits: The Differences Between Mobile, Diverter, and Industrial Valves

To ensure you are getting the best performance out of your hydraulic system, it is important to determine which type of hydraulic circuit configuration is the most appropriate for your applications. There are three general types of circuit valve configurations you can use, each with its own differences.

  1. Mobile Directional Control Valves: The hydraulic valve and manifold are combined into one single body. Some designs allow for customizations and include other features, like load sensing, pressure reliefs, and so on.
  2. Manifold mounted (normally Cetop) Valves: This hydraulic circuit incorporates the option to “remotely” control a hydraulic system and various functions. The valve responds to the user’s input and directs the flow of fluid through the right flow paths. Plus, you can have separate sets of controls in different areas, like one in a cab and another set on the back of the vehicle. Pressure reliefs, flow control, check valves, and manifolds are “stacked” to build specific circuits.
  3. Cartridge Valves: This option is when you have specific flow requirements and do not require any special customizations or features. Essentially, the valve is either “open” or “closed.”

When selecting which types of hydraulic circuits you require, it is possible to use a combination of each of these to address various hydraulic functions within the system. To help you determine which type of valves, configurations, and sizes you require, please feel free to contact White House Products Ltd. at +44 (0) 1475 742500 today!

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