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Hydraulic Systems Safety Basics 101

One must understand the basics of hydraulic systems and load control in order to maintain proper safety. Maintaining the proper load control requires knowing how to determine when the system is operating under the correct pressure and the fluid is flowing without any issues.

There are various metering devices one can use with hydraulic systems to ensure load control is within acceptable levels. Some of the more common devices include:

  • Flow Control valves.
  • Relief and pressure reducing valves
  • Check and Counterbalance valves.
  • Directional control valves.

These devices prevent pressurized fluid from going out of control and causing a system failure.

Another safety concern with hydraulic pump applications is the potential for hydraulic pump overheating. All hydraulic systems generate heat as part of their normal operations. Under normal operations, there are various parts of the system where heat is designed to be dissipated to maintain a safe operating temperature. However, if not enough heat is released, the system can overheat and cause the hydraulic pump and other components to fail, resulting in the need for hydraulic pump replacement.

Leaks in a hose or cylinder seal are another safety concern which could cause a system failure and result in potential injuries. Hydraulic systems require pressure in order to function correctly. If there is a fluid leak within the system, pressure levels can diminish. In addition, the loss of fluid can cause overheating because the reduced volume of oil is doing the work of a much larger volume and therefore the oil velocity is much higher than it should be.

The best way to try to prevent these problems is with:

  • Regular System Maintenance
  • Inspecting Systems Prior to Use
  • Ensuring Everyone Is Trained Correctly
  • Wearing the Right Safety equipment
  • Never Operating a System that Needs to Be Repaired
  • Discontinuing the use of a System when a Problem Occurs

By understanding the basics of pressure control and fluid flow, along with safe operating practices, you can avoid costly system failures and potential injuries. Please feel free to contact White House Products, Ltd. at +44 (0) 1475 742500, for hydraulic gear pumps, piston pumps, and all of your hydraulic system parts and components today.

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