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Three Common Causes for Excessive Temperatures in Hydraulic Systems

In order to identify excessive temperature issues in hydraulic systems, one must first understand the type of hydraulic system being used and how it functions. This knowledge is necessary to determine why the system is getting too hot and how you can resolve the problem.

Some of the more common causes of excessive temperatures can be related to one or more of the following:

1. The hydraulic parts and components are wearing out or are already worn out. As pumps, gears, motors, and other parts and components wear out or stop working, it can lead to fluid leaks. Fluid leaks require the system to operate harder and cause temperatures to increase. You want to make sure to practice regularly scheduled maintenance and service intervals to replace parts and components before they wear out.

2. The wrong size tubing/piping is being used. When the diameter size of the tubing and piping is smaller than what is required for your system, it restricts the flow of hydraulic fluid. As a result, the system works even harder to pump the fluid and causes an increase in operating temperatures. You need to verify the tubing/piping is the right size for the desired flow rate you require.

3. Adjustments were made without fully understanding how they impact the system. Certain adjustments can cause the system to operate at higher temperatures, which can lead to hydraulic pump overheating and other problems. Never make any adjustments if you do not understand how they will impact the system.

As seen, there could potentially be more than one cause for excessive temperatures in hydraulic systems. Please feel free to contact White House Products, Ltd., a leading hydraulic piston/gear pump supplier, for assistance in determining the causes of overheating and for all of your hydraulic system parts, components and hydraulic pump replacement needs at +44 (0) 1475 742500 today!

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