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Why Is a Hydraulic Oil Cooling System Important in a Hydraulic System?

A hydraulic oil cooling system is necessary when you need to keep hydraulic fluid temperatures controlled at a set level. An effective cooling system will help remove heat from the fluid while allowing the hydraulic system to function properly.

A secondary function of a hydraulic cooling system is to help ensure that fluid does not transfer heat to secondary components like hoses, valves, and so on. As the fluid ages, it gradually degrades and can reach even higher temperatures.  The fluid loses lubricity as it ages and the additives  degrade  and dissipate.

With a cooling system in place, the excess heat is removed from the fluid so that circuit components do not overheat.  As you can imagine, if overheating occurs, it can result in a complete system failure and unwanted downtimes while repairs are made, not to mention the secondary components, along with hydraulic pumps and motors, that will be damaged by the overheating.

Can a Hydraulic Oil Cooling System Be Retrofitted?

While many new hydraulic systems are already fitted with hydraulic oil cooling systems, there are many existing systems that could benefit from installing a fluid cooling system. There are a few different options available for retrofitting, including air or water cooling system.

The air cooling system functions much like an air conditioner where the cold air helps cool the fluid. The water cooling system functions in a similar way to a radiator where the water absorbs the excess heat through a heat transfer and removes it from the fluid.

However, installation of a cooling system is not an energy efficient way of controlling the build up of heat in hydraulic circuits as one is using energy to dissipate energy.    Instead, if space allows, it is always best to match your oil reservoir size generously to the volume of fluid being pumped round the circuit.   Equally, reservoir shape, position and colour can have a big impact on circuit oil temperature as well as the use of metal pipework and pipe size.

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