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A hydraulic system may use one or more motors. Essentially, these motors work by converting hydraulic (fluid) pressure and flow into mechanical power (torque). Hydraulic motors strongly resemble hydraulic pumps in their basic design—in fact, some motors can even be used as pumps if necessary. Hydraulic motors are used in a very broad range of applications, including but not limited to cranes, winches, conveyors, excavators, roll mills, and many others.

As these devices can be found in widely varying applications, hydraulic motors are manufactured in a number of radically different types, each of which with its own unique features.

Gear motors – Hydraulic gear motors utilise an idler gear and a drive gear in a side-by-side configuration. The flow of fluid coming in through the inlet turns the interlocking gears conveying the fluid through the device and into the outlet opening. These inexpensive units are valued for their versatility and dependability.

Piston motors – Hydraulic piston motors are noted for their high power and torque outputs at high and low speeds. These motors are produced in two main varieties. The radial type has multiple pistons around a central shaft, in a design that resembles a star. The axial design is the more common and more compact of the two, with the pistons being housed within a circular cylinder block

Vane motors – These motors contain a series of thin vanes protruding from a rotor to create compartments that carry fluid from the input to the output. Hydraulic vane motors are widely known as quiet, easy-to-service devices.

Orbital motors – These motors  generate very high torques by employing a gear-inside-a-gear (Gerotor) design. They also feature a spool or disc distributor valve that helps direct the fluid correctly.

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