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How Misalignment Shortens Hydraulic Pump and Bearing Life

All types of hydraulic pumps use bearings to support the shaft.  If there is misalignment of the shaft, it can cause the bearings to also become damage.  The misalignment of the key moving parts and components inside the hydraulic pump will affect pump performance and bearing life.

dirty oily fragment of the hydraulic drive of the steering gear of a quarry loaderWhen the inner workings of a pump are functioning correctly, there will be a small gap between the bearings and other moving parts. When a misalignment occurs, the gap will no longer be even; the moving parts will now touch against one another.

Gradually, the moving parts will create friction and wear on each other. Friction can create additional heat and cause overheating problems. Furthermore, small metallic shavings can get into hydraulic fluid and contaminate the fluid.

These shavings can become stuck inside hoses, valves, and other such locations within the hydraulic system.  As a result, the overall efficiency of the pump is reduced. As you can guess, the excessive wear of the pump bearings will cause it to eventually fail because it is not working correctly. 

As can be seen, when the bearings are misaligned, they will shorten the pump’s life. However, there are some things you can do to help prevent misalignment issues.  There are special tools used with predictive maintenance plans that allow you to check vibrations, heat, and other such measures to verify if there could potentially be a misalignment.

Professional mechanic man holding piston of the hydraulic pump to inspection and repairBy using these tools as part of your predictive maintenance plan, you can better identify and correct misalignments when they occur.  By addressing misalignment problems early, you will ensure you get the most life out of your hydraulic pumps.

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